junior lifters

This program is for children interested in learning the fundamentals of weightlifting.  The focus is on forging strong movement patterns and learning basic lifts.

It’s geared toward kids aged 7-11. We will be introducing them to the fundamentals of lifting. It’s a non-competitive group, but the children who participate are really interested in learning and most are in our after school program and enjoy fitness. 

Other children participate in the Jr Lifters program are also involved in competitive sport and use this program as a complement to their programming. 

They will be using wooden dowel sets, weighted bars, balls, cable pulleys, and their own body weight.

Location: Danforth (Training Den)

Junior Lifters

Begins Thursday September 26th 2019 for 6 weeks (4:15pm to 5:00pm)

For kids aged 7+, this is a 6 week program that re-starts after every 6 week cycle.

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Strong Girls

Begins Wednesday, October 2nd 2019 for 9 weeks (6:10pm to 7:00pm)

For girls aged 11 - 13.

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This fun, progression oriented class will teach foundation movement patterns through various exercises (including weightlifting techniques) to improve posture, self esteem, sport and recreational performance, and injury reduction.

Age related programming and individual attention from our trainer Karen, guides personal gains in strength and stability to build empowered bodies and minds.

This 9-week resistance training program is geared towards girls aged 11-13.

Location: Danforth (Training Den)


Listen to our Fit Kids Manager, Melissa Salvadori, speak to Vibe FM about the benefits that young children get from programming like Junior Lifters and Strong Girls.