registration opens january 2020

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If you've ever been to the BOMB while our after school program or camps are running, you've seen the happy, sweaty faces of our Fit Kids enjoying every minute of their "gym" experience.  

The kids you see on this site are those who are actively involved in our programming.  

Some of them likely go to school with your kids, or even live on your street.

These kids are strong, fast, and balanced.

They flex their four-year-old biceps and ask us if they look bigger.

They show off their push-up skills, and can do more burpees in a row than you can.

They have their favourite yoga poses, and have names for ones that only exist within their private practice.  

Not because we drill it into them every day, but because they are excited about being able to do the things that their parents do.   

Why our camp stands out

  • We strive for a user-led approach to our programming.  Every morning when kids arrive for camp, we map out a plan with the kids.  Giving them the opportunity to construct the daily schedule around what interests them allows for smooth transitions throughout the day.  Of course, we have our own schedule in mind each day, but we are happy to put a spin on things to keep the kids thinking that the adventure was "their idea".

  • Our staff are ready for everything.  We've got an arsenal of activities ready to go in every situation.  If it is calling for miserable weather, we've got a host of equipment to keep them entertained and burning off all of their energy while indoors.  We've got more crafts planned than we can possibly complete during the week, but have something for every skill level and interest.  

  • While it is all fun and games, our goal is to encourage children to get to know how their own body works, love exercise, and develop healthy activity patterns that will stick into adulthood. We are not here to scare them into exercising!


  • Outdoor adventures

  • Indoor and outdoor games like scavenger hunts

  • Obstacle courses, relay races, dodgeball, fitness bingo, cooperative games

  • Fitness lessons that carry over into other sports

  • Table games

  • Fitness and Nutrition Themed crafts

  • Age appropriate reading time

  • Edible nutrition lessons

What your child gets with A Fit Kids Camp

  • Mature members of staff always on duty, all trained in CPR and choking. No silly teenager picking their nose while texting, rather than looking after your child. If we lose one, it’s our program and reputation on the line :o)

  • A large indoor venue for them to move around and explore their imagination, even if the weather is miserable.  

  • Access to our equipment and staff who can actually teach them how to use it.  Our main goal is to make fitness fun for kids so that they grow up having mastered healthy habits. The most amazing thing to watch however was the camaraderie that developed amongst the small groups.

  • Themed crafts and active games.  Books and board games for quiet time.

 What you will need to bring

  • Lunch and snacks. 

  • A water bottle.

  • A change of clothes.  

  • Warm clothing and maybe a spare pair of mittens.

Just a few more key details

  • The suggested age for camp is JK to Grade 6 and certain activities will be split based on age group.  

  • The maximum number of participants per session is 12. 

  • Activities are planned from 8:30am - 5:30pm. If you wish to pick up your children before 4pm please let us know in advance.