“Mom! I really need a chin-up bar and a bench press for my room please.” – Poppy, Fit Kids Addict

We do think that every kid should try out a range of team activities, like soccer or hockey, but they should also have the knowledge and motivation to exercise on their own.

Whether that's with a "bench press" at home or a running machine at the gym, they will have the confidence to decide and the motivation to go.

Fit Kids allows children to develop healthy habits now so that it will influence the way your kids look at themselves forever - developing a fit, strong, body confident person.

The thing is, there are not a lot of active after school programs to choose from. Especially inside of schools.

You may have been a high school athlete and then when that part of your life ended you didn’t really know how to take care of exercising on your own or had no motivation to do so.

Maybe you didn’t play sports at all and there wasn’t a program available to teach you how to build confidence that you could take into the gym.

We want your child to have that opportunity; to explore and grow and become confident learners.

The purpose of our Fit Kids program is to teach children about fitness and nutrition at an early age so that it will span across their entire life.


The Fit Kids program is right for you if...

  • You want your kid to discover and develop their athletic ability at an early age

  • You want your children to avoid inactivity that can lead to obesity

  • You would like your kid to be more active after school, rather than sitting at a desk, or playing on their iPad

  • You're fed up of having to pay for before-and-after school fees when you only need it for a couple of hours after school

  • You're disappointed at being forced to pay for PA Days and Summer Camp just to hold your spot


After the Program, your kids will...

  • Understand the importance of building healthy, strong bodies

  • Be able to make healthy snacks

  • Fall asleep on the couch exhausted – extra time for you!

  • Develop speed and agility for any athletic sport

  • Enjoy socialising with new-found friends

  • Run around happily showing everyone at home their jump, push-up and pull-up skills

  • Build confidence

  • Help to shape and push forward the health of your whole family

  • Likely ask for a pull-up bar and an exercise bench for their room (sorry!)

what to do next

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March 16th-20th 2020. Registration opens in January 2020.



For 9 weeks at all locations. Registration opens in January 2020.



With pick-up from several Upper Beach and Danforth area schools.


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