Remember summer when you were a kid? Exploring the great outdoors. Pretending you were your favourite movie star, or superhero. You maybe even got into a little harmless trouble.

Nobody stayed inside on their own. There were no video games and you were not glued to the TV all day.

With The BOMB summer camp we try to let your kids experience a childhood summer like your own. Every day we’ll be out-and-about exploring the east side under the guise of the theme for that week; whether it’s Animals, Under the Sea, Outer Space or Superheroes and much more.

They’ll work out. They’ll have time to get curious and explore the themed learning activities. They’ll mingle with other kids to develop their social skills in a far too tech-centred world.

No matter the weeks that you choose they’ll have sweaty red faces, messy cheeks, cheer-you-up smiles, and maybe a few puppy dog looks as they ask to stay just 5 more minutes.

Why our camp stands out

  • We strive for a user-led approach to our programming.  Every morning when kids arrive for camp, we map out a plan with the kids, giving them the opportunity to construct the daily schedule around what interests them allows for smooth transitions throughout the day.  Of course, we have our own schedule in mind each day, but we are happy to put a spin on things to keep the kids thinking that the adventure was "their idea".

  • Our staff are ready for everything.  We've got an arsenal of activities ready to go in every situation.  If it is calling for miserable weather, we've got a host of equipment to keep them entertained and burning off all of their energy while indoors.  We've got more crafts planned than we can possibly complete during the week, but have something for every skill level and interest.

  • While it is all fun and games, our goal is to encourage children to get to know how their own body works, love exercise, and develop healthy activity patterns that will stick into adulthood. We are not here to scare them into exercising!


  • Adventures to local parks, and maybe even a bakery or farmer's market. 

  • Indoor and outdoor games like scavenger hunts

  • Obstacle courses, relay races, dodgeball, fitness bingo, cooperative games

  • Fitness lessons that carry over into other sports

  • Table games

  • Fitness and Nutrition Themed crafts

  • Age appropriate reading time

  • Edible nutrition lessons


 Why Your Kid Will Enjoy BOMB Camp

  • This summer we will have nine different themes, from Animals to Robots to Superheroes to Detectives so each week there will be something new for the kids to explore.

  • We’re only taking 20 children each week at all locations so they will get lots of attention. Since we won’t be overrun with a large group, we won’t have to keep to a militant structure and can do activities the kids want to do.

  • They’ll make new, awesome friends.

  • Have lots and lots of adventures to farmer’s markets, parks, wading pools and trips to fun, educational places (read: behind the scenes at the bakery.

  • Yes, they may get into a little harmless trouble, all in the name of fun. They may ask Farmer’s silly questions and we may play Nicky, Nicky Nine Doors!!

 What you will need to bring

  • Lunch and snacks.

  • A change of clothes.  You never know what will happen…we have had “follow-throughs” before.

  • Swimwear.  We're not crazy enough to bring 15+ kids to the pool, but they will likely get wet at splash pads and splash pools.

  • Suntan lotion. Err on the side of caution with this one. Kevin wore factor 500 as a kid, but you don’t have to take it quite that far.

  • Loose change for spending money…just in case they can’t resist the fruit stand at the farmer’s market.

  • Your kids will have an awesome time. They’ll go back to school and tell all their friends about the great summer they had.  The one that you hopefully had as a kid.

    Register below or contact us with any questions on 647-887-8674 or by email.

a few more key details

  • Summer camp runs for 9 weeks (July 2nd to August 30th 2019).

  • The suggested age for summer camp is JK to Grade 5 and activities will be split based on age group.  

  • The maximum number of participants per session is around 12-20 depending on location, so please book early to get the week(s) that you want.

  • Activities are planned from 9am - 4pm with extended care from 8:30am - 5:30pm.  

  • **SPECIAL DEAL** Get a week of summer camp for $199 (ends March 31st). The price is usually $249 per week. Add $49 per week for extended care.

Weeks available

Week 1 - Wacky Week (short week) - July 2nd - 5th (Danforth only) - 8 SPOTS LEFT

Week 2 - Outer Space - July 8th - 12th (Danforth & Beach)- 8 SPOTS LEFT

Week 3 - Animals - July 15th - 19th (Danforth & Beach) - 4 SPOTS LEFT

Week 4 - Under The Sea - July 22nd - 26th (Danforth & Broadview) - 4 SPOTS LEFT

Week 5 - Mystery/Detective - July 29th to August 2nd (Danforth & Broadview) - 8 SPOTS LEFT

Week 6 - Robots (short week) - August 6th to 9th (Danforth & Beach) - 7 SPOTS LEFT

Week 7 - Science - August 12th to 16th (Danforth & Broadview) - 8 SPOTS LEFT

Week 8 - Superheroes - August 19th to 23rd (Danforth & Beach) - 4 SPOTS LEFT

Week 9 - Nature Explorers - August 26th to 30th (Danforth & Beach) - 5 SPOTS LEFT

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks to you and your staff for an amazing camp this week.

Caiden has been to a number of great camps over the years, but this week he declared Bomb Fitness as the BEST ONE EVER and he can’t wait to come back in the summer!

Each day he would give us a download of the highlights - strider, fitness circuit, ninja ladder, chin ups, fitness games and the list went on.

Thank you for teaching Caiden the benefits of fitness, but more importantly, thank you for making this week such a great highlight.” - Martelle